Niall Phelan

Executive Producer/Creative Director

Niall worked for Ogilvy for three years, STAR TV for ten and in independent production for five. He has written, produced and directed hundreds of hours of TV and videos for broadcasters like Bloomberg and Nat Geo and for companies like Jardines and Swire. He produced the films "The Last Five Years" in NYC, "Three Cities" in Russia, "Return to Rajasthan" in India. Won Gold at Promax, LA and NY Film Festivals, and consulted to FOX, Publicis, Turner and Wanda. When he's not on behind the camera, he's sailing.

Hedda Leonardi (Moye)

Celebrity/Media Strategist

Hedda had a successful career in journalism and PR before becoming a global media strategist to some of the world's biggest stars. Business partner to Pamela Anderson, consultant to Aria Books and National Geographic Channel and worked for KPMG, Emirates, Dubai Int'l Film Festival, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, UNICEF, and Sony Music. When she's not creating global campaigns, she's teaching yoga.

James Phelan

Director of Production

James has worked for such media giants as eMap and Endemol and on productions such as “Big Brother”, “White Room”, “Miss World” and “The Brit Awards" as well as countless commercials. He is a qualified accountant and business analyst. He is executive producing the feature film "The Boy Who Collected Sound" in the UK and Denmark. When heʼs not busting budgets, heʼs driving across deserts for charity.

Paul Phelan

Director of Development

Paul has worked with leading TV channels such as Fox Classics, Nickelodeon, Sci-Fi Channel, The Comedy Channel and TV1. He has won Gold Promax writing awards every year for the last 18 years straight. He also consulted for multinational corporations such as Aedas, AIA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Jardines. And he is key to our long form TV and branded content. When he's not brainstorming his next big idea, he's coaching the local hockey team.

Will Nicholls

Director of Operations

Will has worked in various industries from managing a graphic design company to running a computer network company. He has also organised communities from a chemical clean up in Bhopal to land rights in Papua New Guinea. Will has been instrumental in our large scale documentaries as well as commercials for the likes of CNN and Schroders. When he's not perfecting processes, he's trekking in Himalayas.

Sianna Liu

Design Consultant

Sianna studied in Beijing and New York. She has worked in banking, aerospace and entertainment in China and Hong Kong from business development for CCTV Animation to co-creating the Hawa app in Indonesia. When she's not sketching designs, she's wandering through markets.