Return to Rajasthan documentary

A recent DNA study proves what many European gypsies have long known, that they are descendant from Gypsies in Rajasthan, India. In response the Gypsy Sound Revolution a super group founded by Gipsy Kings former drummer Ced Leonardi and Gipsy Kings family members George Reyes and Mario Reyes who are joined by the Spanish flamenco legend Antonio Carmona - as well as other European gypsies. Return to Rajasthan follows this amazing musical and cultural journey as they negotiate the common land and wide gulfs between them from the studio in Los Angeles; to Gipsy Kings' home in Camargue, France; the Gypsy Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany; and migration gateway in Istanbul, Turkey before travelling to their ancestral home in Jodhpur, India to work with local artists to record an album fusing traditional Rumba with Indian Alap or 'Bomboleo meets Bollywood'. This will be showcased at the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) - the world's largest and most experimental. Return to Rajasthan has been developed by Hedway Inc and Story Inc. Asia. Gypsy Sound Revolution is management by Red Light Management.

Film Finance Forum East at TIFF

Story Inc. Asia is honoured to be chosen to speak at on film development in Asia at the Film Finance Forum East at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The forum selects financiers, producers, agents, distributors, and marketeers to discuss key strategies for the independent film business model. Representing producers in Asia Laura is joined by such industry notables as: agent Mark Ankner, WME Entertainment distributor Jeffrey Chan, Bona Film Group, collector Maarten Melchior, Fintage. The Film Finance Forum is presented by Winston Baker in association with Variety. For more information see Film Finance Forum East.


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