Noughts and Exes documentary

Story Inc. Asia has long been huge fans of Hong Kong's most talented band Noughts and Exes so we were delighted to ask to produce their album launch concert and a documentary as co-production with Laundromatte. The documentary is slated to premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The band's last record A Fine Line was voted a Top Ten Album for China by Time Out Magazine and they were voted TIME Magazine's number two Asian bands to watch. Noughts and Exes's Indie folk pop sound has by lead by its multicultural line up from Hong Kong, Canada, Britain and Australia and is finding a place in the hearts of a growing number of fans. Key crew includes cameramen: Dean Head, Derrick Fong, Luke Casey, Jason Riddell, John Elphinstone, Nick Dearman, and Simon Fuller; co-producers and co-directors Joshua Wong and Niall Phelan.

PLK BAML Children's Language Learning Center video

Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong's oldest charity founded by in 1878 to protect the young and innocent. Today they are HK's leading social service organisation and fundraiser. As one of the world's largest financial institutions, Bank of America Merrill Lynch provides comprehensive market, industry product and services advisory expertise to help they clients success in Asia and around the globe. They also serve the communities where they live and work. The Po Leung Kuk Bank of America Merrill Lynch Children's Language Learning Center in Lei Muk Shue enables children from disadvantaged backgrounds to take English and Putonghua lessons as well extra curriculum activities to help them succeed. Produced by Niall Phelan, shot by Jason Riddell, translated by Sasha O, edited and graded by Simon Fuller.


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